The history and Chris Hambly


Hey how’s it going?

In order to help you understand how this Academy has come about I have mapped out my pathway below.

All of these events have of course had an influence on what I do now.

I actually have a lot more to add but this provides a good summary.

You’ll notice a strong thread of being an entrepreneur, teacher and course developer and this is absolutely my passion – helping others achieve.


  • Relaunched as an online portal to coach entrepreneurs how to start, grow or scale a business.
  • Provide consultancy for select businesses

2017 – 2018

  • Consultancy contracts as well as local business marketing solutions.


  • Sold Falmouth Boat Hire making a 2000% return on investment.
  • Local marketing workshops


  • Sold large consultancy contracts for clients requiring online educational solutions as well as marketing skills
  • Wrote social media articles for various publications


  • Became a joint owner and Director of a boat hire business and re-launched the company as Falmouth Boat Hire
  • Wrote social media articles for various publications


  • Worked with various PR agencies on social media related pitches and projects including London 2012 Olympics
  • Spoke at the KBA annual conference on the subject of “Customer Social Engagement”
  • Completed a formal “buy-out” relationship with SAE Institute
  • Social Media MediaJam NYC


  • Delivered multiple training events in SEO and Social Media at London, Berlin, New York
  • Organised and hosted international Social Media conference SMiB09 : “Social Capital
  • Organised and hosted MediaCampLondon4


  • Incorporated a consultancy offering SEO, Web Marketing, Strategy, SEM, Community Development, Mobile Solutions, Events
  • Organised and hosted international Social Media conference SMiB09 : “Conversation Matters
  • Worked with SAE Institute successfully invented and led the development of their Online offering
  • Organised MediaCampLondon3
  • Continued the development of the Social Media Mafia with various national and international events
  • Gained press coverage  – “MediaCamps – filling the skills gap”


  • Re-branded the ACHUB as the Social Media Mafia – a group focussed on facilitating critical thinking, amiably
  • Sold my online school and saw it through a merger with SAE Institute
  • Began consulting for SAE Institute
  • Began guest writing for Girly Geekdom
  • Nominated and voted onto the Interim Board of Directors for Social Media Club
  • Lead organiser for MediaCampLondon2
  • Supported and aided the development of MediaCampSicilia and MediaCampRoma
  • Lead organiser for Social Media in Business a one day conference in Buckinghamshire.


  • Coca Cola – worked with Crayon Marketing on the SecondLife Coca Cola Virtual Thirst campaign. Developed a prototype “dance machine” and served on the advisory board
  • Ended a formal relationship with Buckinghamshire New University
  • Lead organiser for Media Camp Bucks
  • Launched ACHUB – a community focussed on events and immersive environments
  • Continued building my online school and graduating students


  • External examiner for Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) Reviewing partnership arrangements and validating 6 BSc (Hons) Technology courses in conjunction with Staffordshire University.
  • Authored BSc Audio for the Moving Image.
  • Invited and sat on entrepreneurial committee for Buckinghamshire Chilterns University.
  • Continued building my online school and graduating students
  • Dec 06 ACHUB SLED-UK-educators-group


  • Emigrated back to UK
  • Senior Lecturer for Buckinghamshire Chilterns Univeristy
  • Programme Manager for BSc Music Technology
  • Started formal relationship with Buckinghamshire Chilterns University (re-branded BNU) as Senior Lecturer and led audio department and the development of BSc Technology Degrees in music and moving image
  • Continued building my online school and graduating students


  • Launched The Phone Cam – a community portal for mobile phone photographs (couldn’t directly upload a pic from any phone back then)
  • Played rugby seriously for Cesano Boscone (Milan)
  • Continued building my online school and graduating students


  • Emigrated to Italy for the second time
  • Finished a formal relationship with Truro College
  • Continued building my online school and graduating students


  • Ported the City & Guilds Sound Engineering courses for on-line delivery
  • Delivered online courses to every corner of the globe.
  • Continued building my online school and graduating students


  • Launched the world’s first online school for sound engineering and music production


  • Completed a Masters degree in Open and Distance Education (how to build an online school and teach online)


  • More studying for Masters degree.



  • Emigrated to Italy for a sabbatical.
  • Learnt to speak Italian.
  • Built websites and continued with online course development


  • Mind blown by the Internet, enjoyed Netscape and bulletin boards.
  • Started lecturing in a local college, and authoring courses for sound engineers.
  • Put course material on the Internet for students to access at home


  • Left the Royal Navy.


  • Was playing in an indie rock band and turned down a band contract, we were arrogant and thought we were better than the offer. No regrets.



  • Got a job in a guitar shop as a guitar technician and shop assistant
  • Enjoyed getting to know all the local musicians and hearing the local gossip, and jammin’ away
  • Decided to go into the 6th Form of school to study A Levels, (post 16 was not compulsory in UK), lasted 2.5 days and decided that I’d rather get a job and make some money, so I did.


  • A piano arrived in the house and I started some piano lessons with smiling Eunice, she was very well endowed which kept my young teenage interest levels in the piano and theory of music high!
  • Uncle Tony (Jumbo pilot and Founder of DX Owners club) dropped off a Yamaha CX5 which created a love of music technology.


  • I picked up Dad’s guitar (he was in a skiffle group) and learnt “House of The Rising Sun”. Following this the flood gates opened to learning more chords and listening to his large record collection.


  • I was Born