Add Facebook Chat To Your Website

Here’s a short tutorial on how to add facebook chat to your website.

Why add fb chat to your website?

One of the things you probably find useful when you interact with websites is those message boxes that appear that enable you to actually talk to a human, for getting immediate support on something you are trying to achieve.

Here are 10 good reasons to have one on your business website:

  1. Sometime when we are able to actually get an immediate response from a human it can make a difference in a sale
  2. It gives your business a customer support option that may set you apart from your competitors
  3. It means you have less frustrated customers waiting on the end of a phone
  4. Simple easy access to support from anywhere in the world
  5. Turn visitors into buyers – when a visitor is not quite sure about something and if they should continue with a purchase a chat with a member of staff could be all that is needed
  6. Lowers the cost of your support channel with no need to man or invest in phone lines
  7. It increases your business’s credibility, showing you are there for the customer
  8. Very easy to troubleshoot a customer issue
  9. Live is better than a-synchronous social media tools
  10. Enhancing marketing efforts – for example encouraging chat for specific discounts and offers.

How to install FB chat on your WordPress website

The website here uses WordPress and as you can see we have the chat window in the bottom right hand corner.

Installation is very simple and all that has to be done is to install the FB Chat plugin on your WordPress site and follow the instructions.

Simply choose which FB page should be associated with your website and the plugin does the connection for you.

If you do not use WordPress you can follow the instructions provided by FB found here.

Instagram Uploads On Your Computer

Whilst not everyone would immediately think of using a desktop computer or laptop for uploading content into Instagram it does have its uses.

Within a content marketing business context the following two reasons are what I have found to be useful:

  1. Often you may find that you have a great deal of marketing material that is sitting on your computer and not on your phone. Naturally this may well be a pain to transfer to your phone just for uploading to Instagram. I know this has certainly been the case for me.
  2. You may also find that you have existing text to use for creating long posts and again this text could be sitting in a document on your computer. For example I have often copied text from Google docs and created long Instagram posts from them. Of course we can access Google docs on our phones too, but I have found it is far more efficient to do this on my desktop.

You may have reasons on why this hack is beneficial for you and why uploading to Instagram from your computer is helpful. If you do have some reasons let us know in the comments below.

How To Use Video For Learning

How To Use Video for Learning covers the pros and cons of using video for learning purposes. It gives some pitfalls to avoid and some top tips for getting it right.

The Power Of Saying Yes

The Power Of Saying Yes

The Power Of Saying Yes focuses on the positive energy you get from saying yes to opportunities, as well as the wider range of experiences available to you.