How I Started As An Entrepreneur And To 6 Figure Business Consulting And Coaching

This is a story I filmed in 2017 when I once again had another epiphany that I should now go full circle and back to my roots.

This is the moment I made a decision to build my second online school and this time coach and mentor people to become profitable online consultants.

You’ll hear how I got started on the entrepreneurial road and hopefully, you’ll be able to draw many p[arallels with yourself.

I’m no different to you, I just had an abundance in the art of getting shit done, and that my friend is the secret of success.

Sticking to your dreams, believing in them and making them happen.

Thanks for your attention.

Get Retained Contracts Through Putting Local Businesses Top In Google And Begin Your Consultancy

This is a fantastic business model that enables you to create a self-sustaining business.

All local businesses want their phone to ring with a constant supply of new customers. You can be the consultant to make that happen using my course materials that I talk about in this video.

If you keep your local clients top in local search they will keep paying monthly for that service.

I really cannot spell it out any more simply than that, it’s golden, watch the video.

How To Deal With Bad Online Reviews And Turn Customers Into Raving Fans

Nobody wants bad reviews for their business, as we all know these can have a huge influence on future customers.

Naturally we should never be in the position of actually ever getting bad reviews instead we should in fact be striving for providing an excellent experience for all our customers all the time.

However, sometimes it is unavoidable and if and when do get a bad review we need a process to deal with it.

In this video I discuss how to deal with such issues and in some cases get the review removed completely. Like much of business it is down to managing people and the relationship.

How I Focused On One Specific Customer Avatar And Doubled My Prices

This video about the very important concept of really understanding who it is you are trying to attract as customer for your products.

Whilst you can try to attract everyone for your products, you will in fact achieve far greater success if you instead niche down and communicate to one very specific customer avatar.

This means you will be a good place to use language that resonates fully with that avatar and express why your products offer so much value and benefit.

I mention the book that I wrote and this is available on Amazon using this link:



Alternatively you can get the business book for free if you become one of my students through our Academy courses.

How To Define Your Niche To Explode Your Sales And Double Your Profit

So many people think that going niche is going to somehow become less profitable for them.

In fact the opposite is true

This has been the case for me countless times in my own businesses and also in working with my students too.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, but when you do finally niche down you will find that is where the success will be.

How To Get Clients For Your Social Media Marketing Agency Without Having To Even Use Social Media

Don’t over complicate the process of getting new clients for your social media marketing agency.

People will always buy from people they like know and trust. To get into this position of being liked, known and trusted requires you to build a relationship with the business owner, or the one who has the capability to agree purchases.

The single best way of doing this is to get out and meet people in your area.

I Didn’t Realise How Much Money I Could Actually Make As A Consultant

I remember the feeling when I first set up a consultancy back in 2008 having sold my first business.

What I realised really quickly was that I had a lot of experience that I could use to help other businesses be successful IF I was able to have a decent conversation with the business owners.

And that is what consulting is really, it is listening hard and discovering huge untapped opportunities, for a business, that can be targetted with solutions you provide through your consultancy.

Anyone can do this if they position themselves as a consultant.

Our Learning Management System Overview

In this Learning Management System overview I talk about what is currently available when a user signs up for the free trial with us.

As you will see many courses are available that if sold alone would total significant value to you. However, the way to view these is not the cost, or indeed the actual monetary value, but rather how much value you will personally obtain from studying them if you implement what is taught. Just our sales process course alone can put you in the position of being able to secure high paying clients very easily, with repeatable and predictable results.

Let’s be honest, we all want that don’t we?

We all want to know that we have a system that works, that converts prospects into customers.

There is also my FREE How Will You Build And Sell Your Business book available (both PDF and audio versions). This book is a case study of how I turned a small local business around and made it highly attractive to buy, essentially what is known as a “turn-key” business.

As you will see there are also many agreements, templates and scripts available that you can immediately put to use to transform your current situation.

We’ve also got some cool tracking and progress indicators that make it very easy for you to know what you’ve done and what remains to be done.

Businesses Are Still Buying Digital Services

I had a moment of doubt last week when I got the email reply pushing back on a new contract. 🥺

I was gutted because I had carried out a fabulous needs analysis, indicated amazing opportunity and then a corresponding solutions report.

It felt really good because I knew without a shadow of doubt how much new business my solution would bring to this prospect… It felt good.

Yet after that meeting (on the phone) something niggled me in mind…

I recalled what it was whilst laying in bed that evening… 😴

I hadn’t taken the time to break down the objection of why a monthly service fee was necessary….

I didn’t explain the value of that for the prospect..

Instead, like a total rookie, I just stuck it on the solution proposal assuming they’d “get it”…

Of course they didn’t…

And now days after the email had arrived….

Expressing their doubts on why this service fee was needed..

I was disappointed in myself I felt like I had failed my own proven process, and I had, I hadn’t carried it out correctly.

What an idiot…🥴

So I had to invest more time in sales skills, more nurturing and remove the objection..

I used the push back method and strongly stated why I never work with clients without one..

And said “maybe it is better we do not progress”…

This pushed the ball back into their court to make the decision as I knew they totally wanted it, if they could overcome this hurdle… ♠️

They came back a week later saying the same thing, and yet this time I gave more amazing reasons why this is super value… Stating the beneficial business outcomes, taking it well away from the price perspective.

They agreed and I signed off a 2k contract and monthly retainer.🏆

So guys two things here, well maybe three/four

  1. I am human and make mistakes… I failed at using my process as I teach you to. A good refreshing lesson for me.
  2. I have moments of doubt in my abilities, always.
  3. You can do this as you’re no different to me.
  4. Yes businesses are buying right now (small local business this one). ✌️