The Worst Day Of Your Life Is When A Client Doesn’t Renew – And How To Fix It

It can be one of the worst feelings ever when you are unceremoniously dumped, or when the client states “sorry, we will not be renewing your contract”.

This is a common problem so many social media “managers” suffer from, because they get caught up with servicing just one high paying client, and effectively become an employee.

In this episode, which is taking from a Academy’s members Live Workshop I tackle this issue head on and cover a variety of strategies to deploy in order to avoid this situation and future proof your consultancy.

Couches To Castles: How This Boss Mom Entrepreneur Overcame Drug And Sexual Abuse To Become A Successful Virtual Consultancy Business Owner

So today I sat down with Charlie Lull who has an incredible life story to tell.

As well as being a very busy mother and non-profit founder, Charlie is also a serial entrepreneur who owns a virtual consultancy helping small businesses with their administrative tasks, and more recently an author and internet radio host. 

Charlie’s story is one that fortunately most of us never have to deal with, from leaving home at a tender age of 18 she fell into the occupation of stripping, became addicted to heavy substance abuse as well as having to endure abusive relationships including rape. Despite this Charlie has managed to come through with incredible resilience and meaningful purpose in her life.

What I find most amazing is how she has turned her life around and rather than settling for the easy way out, and a 9-5 job, she has carved out a successful virtual consultancy for herself and family which is her primary motivation in what she does.

Today’s show reveals how she has overcome her demons and turned her experiences into highly positive life lessons.

Settle down for an amazing story.

Quit The 9-5 And Be A Social Media Strategist With Just 5 Clients

Hi Mafiosi so today we have the chance to sit down and get the inside scoop on what it takes to quit the corporate world and become a successful social media strategist where you get to live a more flexible lifestyle, working when you choose and with whom you choose.

Today I’m talking with Social Media Strategist Deasha Waddup who has done just that and in a short space of time has managed to carve out the life she wants, with just a handful of clients.

Deasha has some very important daily rituals that aid her focus and outcomes as a result, routines we can all learn from and immediately put into practise.

Deasha’s story is fabulous in that she, like many of us, are born with that entrepreneurial streak that makes us want to walk our own life on our own terms. Having spent years in the corporate world Deasha knew she had so much more to give and so much more to gain by creating her own company that services clients in the wellness niche.

As well as providing social media services Deasha has also manage to spot gaps in the market to help other strategists refine their offers and essentially become more successful.

It is a pleasure to welcome Deasha to the Social Media Mafia Family.