Skin Care For Men?

yeah, so I was having this discussion with a friend and she was mentioning the term metrosexual as being bantered around for a while now. Metrosexual huh?

“There’s a growth industry in “beauty” products for men”, apparently, and it seems to have completely missed me, you can go into a department store and find these products (shocker huh?) and I know Nivea and Loreal have a complete line just for guys!

Well shit! Why?

Ok, so I wash and shower with soap every day, may dab the odd bit of fragrance on just once in a while, but come on!

Am I a caveman?

Updating iPod Firmware

Apple recently released a new version of firmware for the Pod, it’s the only thing I own by Apple, and as I didn’t buy it I don’t have a power supply.

Yeah so, you say, what’s the big deal?

Well the infuriating thing with downloading the new iPod firmware through iTunes and onto the iPod is that once the firmware is installed a wonderful message presents itself saying you must now “flash the firmware” by plugging your iPod into a wall outlet!

This is apparently standard practice, and I guess, is something to do with having a steady current applied to complete the update (no a USB trickle won’t do it).

Needless to say I send out thanks to Nick and Stu who kindly gave me a flash
with their equipment!

By the way this really is typical of Apple and their rigid closed loop concept, don’t you think? – having to have another apple only component!


If you’ve not heard of Elba it’s probably cause the other two larger Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia have stolen the majority of glory. If you studied history or are reasonably well read you’d know Elba was the exiled home, for a short period of time, for Napoleon.

I can’t speak highly enough of Elba having been there twice now for a vacation two years running, sure it is not such a long stretch to get there from Milan, but it holds much more than convenience.

Without doubt mountainous Elba has the most crystal clears waters I have ever seen, the beaches are delightful (if a little expensive for sun beds or lettini) and the food, providing you know how to eat Italian of course, thus be able to find a suitable place, is Tuscan, which is delicious.

Getting to Elba for me, coming from Milan, is a case of hooking up with a ferry from Piombino, though there is an airport on the island. I’m not sure of the destinations although having said that Elba has become a package holiday paradise in recent years with flocks of germans arriving in their droves during august, best time I would say is early July, yeah take the kids out of school early, go on!

Elba is said to have some of the best wines in Tuscany, and the romans in fact named Elba “the island of good wines”, and with that being said I just ask for a ltr of the house red or house white, it never disappoints and comes in a jug, as all house wines do in Italy, again this depends if you can pick the good places to eat.

For eating I never look for some splendid looking place in town but rather choose an old beaten up place full of locals, and being conversant in Italian I ask the people where they eat, often the locals will have a cousin working in a tasty place nearby.

Due to control from various colonies ranging from French Spanish Turkish to name just a few, Elba maintains a rich cultural melting pot, though very much Italian, but relentlessly beach oriented which is exactly why I visit the place.

Elba is a top spot for staying in your swimming trunks for the duration, in the height of summer only mad dogs and Englishman would go out in the midday sun away from the sea which is warmer than a heated swimming pool! (yup no kidding)

Let me know if you ever get there.

Ferries To Elba Tuscany Italy

Getting to Elba is easiest from the main departure port of Piombino, just south of Livorno. You can arrive by train car and bus fairly easily, and once there you’ll find no shortage of offices selling tickets for the ferries, or traghetti, departing for Portoferraio Elba.

Ferries are numerous being as often as 30 mins (in season) and every 2 hours
out of season. The cheaper option seems to be Toremar with the other company Moby ferries being the more common option (you get a sticker slapped on your car, plus they paint their ferries with bright colorful shapes, which I quite like).

Toremar also shuttles you away to Porto Azzuro and Rio Marina. The journey itself takes around 1 hour unless the super fast option of hydrofoil is taken which is 20 mins.


I’ve recently become fascinated with the possibilities of podcasting and the potential markets.

Podcasting, is essentially, time-shifted radio, or recordings made and then made available for playback, and/or downloading, by rss distribution.

An rss feed is a way for any new content (which could be your latest recordings) to be made available to a variety of users who may well have subscribed for your fresh content.

Adding a site’s rss feed to rss aggregators allows for this notification to take place.

If you have a blog it is very easy to embed your recordings and have them appear in the rss feed and therefore syndicated multiple times.

I’m also now working on IP telephony and the recording of that to bring yet more interesting podcastable content.

e-Learning For Growth, Jobs And An Inclusive Society: An EU Initiative

e-Learning For Growth, Jobs And An Inclusive Society: An EU Initiative: “A multi-annual, multi-stakeholder drive to build digital competence at home, school and the workplace has been launched by Viviane Reding, the European Commission’s Commissioner for Information Society and Media, and Jn Figel, the Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism, at a multi-stakeholder conference entitled Towards a learning society, in Brussels.”

Mobile e-learning via phone achieves real success with the young

Mobile e-learning via phone achieves real success with the young :: :: e-Government & public sector IT news from: “This report presents some innovative ideas on how mobile technologies, such as smartphones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), can be useful learning aids – particularly with young people who have not succeeded through traditional education.”

Chris Is

Oh this is too much fun.

I got this idea from another blog (apologies I have forgotten the url). So
it goes like this, you go to google and search for “your name is” and see what google brings back. I find this hilarious and highly interesting.

Some of this results are (obviously) completely false and others not far from
the truth.

I’ll buy a pint to anyone who can state which are bang on. 😉

  • Chris is most famous for his hard hitting fantasy works
  • Chris is continuing to work on his own projects and private commissions
  • Chris is now
  • Chris is also the singer/songwriter for Continuous Peasant
  • Chris Is Rockin’
  • Chris is a very spontaneous person and looks for honesty and loyalty
  • Chris is also a deeply moral person and believes in giving as much back
  • Chris is a music scoring mixer
  • CHRIS is now one Manual rather than four
  • Chris is President of Military Advantage, the nation’s largest military
  • Chris is a frequent speaker
  • chris is sexy and his a major hotty
  • chris is?warm and wise and very effective
  • Chris is a floor wax
  • Chris is a punk who forces one to go through elaborate measures to glean
    bits of knowledge
  • Chris is a top-notch geek, but they’re a dime a dozen
  • Chris is always on the cutting edge of where technology is going
  • Chris is Ray’s illegitimate son from a woman he met on a roadtrip during
    his Bruins days
  • Chris is Available on Thursday
  • Chris is a highly skilled trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Chris is not evil
  • Chris is Wyatt in the future, remember that episode where Piper and Leo
  • chris is gay!!
  • Chris is on the Advisory Board of this organization
  • Chris is one of the founding board members
  • Chris is proud too of the gradual move from the closed to open classroom
  • Chris is primarily responsible for assisting
  • Chris is interested in almost everything, especially if it’s related to
  • Chris is very upset about it and shares his anger with the other soldiers
  • Chris is teamed with Francis
  • Chris is drunk too
  • Chris is very thrilled and happy with his work
  • Chris is overjoyed and extremely excited to have been chosen
  • Chris Is Vanuatu’s Lone Survivor
  • Chris Is Here!
  • Chris is the most sensitive radar on the Internet
  • Chris is keeping envious company
  • Chris is ready to pop the balloon
  • Chris is the middle child and my blister
  • Chris is legally blind but on good days he can tell you what year and model
  • Chris is dusting off the cave again
  • Chris is Ashlee’s friend
  • Chris is a memory resident infector of .COM programs
  • Chris is regularly quoted on Canadian business and new media issues
  • Chris is Co-Chair of the International White
  • Chris is a talented actor who has …
  • Chris is a dinner worth saving up for
  • Chris is halfway to DevCon
  • Chris is also a Trustee of The Lion’s Part
  • Chris is a keen sailor and scuba diver
  • Chris is with him in Bangkok
  • Chris is already married

Free Link Submission Directory Index

Free Link Submission Directory Index Search engine traffic is an altogether different beast compared to traditional marketing, and if done correctly will improve your ROI (return on investment). The thing about search engines is that the customers are already pre-qualified, they have an idea of what they are searching for, if they are searching for an x-box, they will go to a page which is presenting an x-box. This marketing model and promotional tool has great ROI and will increase your sale conversions significantly.

This engine has been installed some time ago now, and is building up fairly well. I may get around to changing some of the colours and style sheets mind you.

E-learning inspires Euro universities

Information World Review: “Universities are embracing e-learning, with three quarters of the major European universities claiming to have either implemented e-learning systems or having plans to implement one within the next three years.
A survey of 150 European universities commissioned by e-learning specialist WebCT indicates that student access to electronic resources is expanding fast beyond traditional library resources.
The survey found that most universities cited increased quality of education as the main benefit of e-learning, followed by improved access and cost efficiencies. The adoption of e-learning appears to be driving new collaborations that faculty librarians will be forced to track.”