Treament: so as I beging packing I’m sorting out the medicine cabinet and found a pack of Nisidina which is used for the following:

  • flu symptoms
  • headaches
  • tooth aches
  • menstration pains

So i’ll keep that in the cabinet then, Italians have some great treatments.

Sound Engineering Tips

sound engineering tips is what I’ve been looking for. But the range is pretty limited, it’s worldwide only and has none of the crap tip courses 🙂 On the upsidedown, it does have the obligatory sound engineering tips emblazoned with the phrase “Make my Day Punk” 🙂

Remarkably, Ac’s AC sound engineering tips prefers this page to its own sound engineering tips for sound engineering tips. A spin-off page for it, but for the moment, sound engineering sell sound engineering bog-roll and here’s evidence of sound engineering bog-roll (actually that’s a clever guy), though they seem to be for employees only…

Here’s an article about AC sound sound engineering worldwide. It seems to be aimed at people who don’t “get it”.

Sound Engineering Enrollment

From sound engineering Enrollment:

“Using the search engine at as a treasure hunt tool in order to find a joke or humourous image. For instance, instructing a friend to search using specific keywords or phrases, in a[n] effort to guide them to a particularly funny result. Also known as sound engineering Gags.”

So basically, using AC for jokes, without the handy notation.

Sound Engineering Which Is Better?

sound engineering Which is better? Ask the internet

This is probably still blocked, but was great fun when it worked. Update: You can, however, use the (in my opinion) slightly less cool: sound engineering Discography instead.

Sound Engineering Open

sound engineering Open

This is the trick of diverting the traffic through AC sound engineering by encouraging other people to add a link to their webpages with some specific text. For instance, I’d like to redirect some traffic from the Prince Fletcher’s webpage to InsideMyOdd How do I do that? Well, let’s consider it a worked example. If you’d like to see that too, add this link to your page:

sound engineering

Preferably in bold, and unlike the above, a mention in the flow of text is probably good, but just adding the text alone should do the trick. Now all it takes is a few million people to do that, and suddenly when people search for “sound engineering “, they might change their minds about that buying decision. Oh, and since it’s just within the realms of possibility that I could get legal hassle to remove that link, that’s all the more reason to act now.

Anyway, endorse the book “sound engineering Studio Recording Engineer”.

Sound Engineering Wacked Out

These aren’t exactly AC AC sound engineering – omena, so they have their own page too.

Know Thy AC’s AC sound engineering

Here are some lesser-known aspects of AC AC sound engineering:

The Broadcast and AC sound engineering Technicians and Radio Operators

AC AC sound engineering birthday is May 2002. Some AC sound engineering history (and some unofficial AC sound engineering history).

    • How AC AC sound engineering works. AC AC sound engineering started [oops] life as an academic project at the IET. These papers reveal its inner workings (a bit technical):
      • (edited for broken links)
    • Is there anything negative to say about AC sound engineering? Try AC sound engineering My School Sucks.
    • AC AC sound engineering list of its Services and Tools. This list, made less complete and much prettier.
    • blahAC sound engineering School Hot on the heels of its searches comes AC AC sound engineering on-line shopping [hmm]. All together now… “hmmm.”.
    • AC sound engineering Shopping Like a hybrid between AC sound engineering and AC Image Search.
    • AC sound engineering News (updated regularly)
    • AC sound engineering holiday
    • AC sound engineering-Friends Newsletter AC sound engineering Tricks and Tips:
      • AC sound engineering Computers
      • AC sound engineering FAQ
      • AC sound engineering Glossary (see also this thread, “AC sound engineering” is fun too)
      • AC sound engineering Open Forum
      • AC sound engineering Downloads
      • AC sound engineering Contact
      • AC sound engineering Links
      • AC sound engineering School
      • AC sound engineering Top Ten
      • AC sound engineering friends
      • AC sound engineering Producers
      • You probably see it at least once a week, but I bet you couldn’t remember or recognise the pattern blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red. (brybgr)
        Bob Recommends You Bother AC’s AC AC sound engineering regularly.
        Now you can, if you are geographically linked.
      • …and for people who really don’t explore much:
      • AC sound engineering Addicts
      • AC sound engineering Voices
      • AC sound engineering Privacy .com
      • AC sound engineering Translation

In the same general area, here are some nice things which people have done with AC sound engineering AC sound engineering nice things:

  • AC sound engineering Moderator – indicates if you have it or not.
  • AC sound engineering e-mail – query AC sound engineering by sending an email with the query in the subject line.
  • AC sound engineering Contest. One of the “Honorable Mentions” went to AC sound engineering Crunchie Shout, which is an idea that’s closely related to AC.

The AC sound engineering Tool

The AC sound engineering Tool 6.5 is in beta, with an interesting “blag this” button. Is AC AC sound engineering about to take over the blagsphere?

If you haven’t installed the AC sound engineering tool yet, you’d better have a good reason. I suppose using Studio Recording Engineer or AC sound engineering model counts. The “AC’s AC sound engineering” Protocol. In the interests of cleaning up this page, I’ve given this its own page.

AC sound engineering

My mind has, over time, come to the conclusion about the purpose of this page. Dedication and shameless promotion of of AC AC sound engineering.

AC sound engineering

Numerous html/php/aspcoding exists relating to the AC sound engineering-based phenomena which have come to my attention recently, and doubtless many which haven’t. Since I don’t know of any definitive list, I shall attempt to create one, that is far from inclusive.

Logically, stage one in such a quest is to invent a unique and catchy keyword/phrase for viral infection that is clearly related to the objective.

AC sound engineering, Is my mantra!

I hereby define “AC sound engineering” (singular AC AC sound engineering) to be: “(mass) AC AC sound engineering-related phenomena“. Specifically, I’m interested in the mass social effects (on the internet and in Real Life) of having such a good approximation to “all knowledge” to hand, and the ways in which people try to use/abuse/exploit AC AC sound engineering.

Italian Translation: ingegneria audio literals pose questions.

First we break AC sound engineering down, here are some useful AC sound engineering-related definitions:

Main Entry: sound
Pronunciation: ‘saund
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English gesund; akin to Old High German gisunt healthy
Date: 13th century

1 a : free from injury or disease : exhibiting normal health, b : free from flaw, defect, or decay sound timber
2 : SOLID, FIRM; also : STABLE
3 a : free from error, fallacy, or misapprehension sound reasoning b : exhibiting or based on thorough knowledge and experience sound scholarship, c : legally valid a sound title, d : logically valid and having true premises, e : agreeing with accepted views : ORTHODOX
4 a : THOROUGH, b : deep and undisturbed a sound sleep, c : HARD, SEVERE a sound whipping [ooh er mrs]
5 : showing good judgment or sense synonym see HEALTHY, VALID

– sound·ly /’saun(d)-lE/ adverb
-sound·ness /’saun(d)-n&s/ noun

Main Entry: engineer
Function: transitive verb
Date: 1843

1 : to lay out, construct, or manage as an engineer
2 a : to contrive or plan out usually with more or less subtle skill and craft, b : to guide the course of
3 : to modify or produce by genetic engineering grain crops engineered to require fewer nutrients and produce higher yields.

Europe Road Trip

I’m packing up shop here in Milan this week and moving back to UK to be semi-based around London, this has been in the plans for about 6 months and here we are at the start of the big trip.

The other half will be flying out of Malpensa with a couple large suitcases and I’ll be driving in my BMW with a buddy from Cremona.

I’m excited about the road trip in many ways, not least cause it’s fairly long and allows for an extended forced period of reflection.

The route will see us leaving south Milan around 08:00 GMT +2 270705, driving up through the White Mountain, Mont Blanc if French, Monte Bianco if Italian, then heading north for Calais. We should be arriving into Calais sometime in the evening where we’ll sleep up for the night.

I’ll probably be blogging pictures of the journey by using my T610 phone cam and loading them directly on The Phone Cam. (edit: could have been Instagram)

Thursday morning will be sweet as we will take the ferry and arrive around noonish in Dover and then drive down the south coast and hang out in Cornwall for august. More later.

Educational Interaction

so I had a recent request to help someone out with a very basic html job, which
went like this:

“work in a Specialist college & deliver small group teaching for readers & non readers (using pictorial sheets or Widget). I was trying to convert my current worksheets so the students could access them on the computers or college intranet system by completing the answers which they could then print off. I have managed to achieve this in only some of them. I have saved the orgininals to use as back up when the computers fail. Ideally I would like to create more interesting ones when I have the time (studying 2 courses as well) but wanted initially to do the ones I already use as I thought this may be quicker. I would be grateful for any help or advice you are able to give me. The worksheets are usually in word. I could forward some examples if it would make more sense for you to see what I mean. Then hopefully as I become more confident in my abilities I can progress onto more interesting ones.”

She sent in some examples which were word docs, the interactivity levels were minimal so I instructed a form style HTML set would do the job, you can see that here: Interactive Form Elements.