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This week I was working on this site as there was an issue with some idiot hacking into the admin area who created an admin account. They had set it up so that there was a meta refresh which re-directed every page to some non-existent domain.

I removed their hacked edits and then installed Admin Secure, which should keep them out no problem, in fact it will ban their IP each time if they go near hacking the admin code.

Punk Cover

I met up with John today after booking a rehearsal space in Stithians. You can see a pic below of the rehearsal space where we met for a couple hours. I’ve not seen John for a year or maybe more, though we have spoken a few times recently on the phone.

I came with my guitar today and it was real easy to plug into a small little Marshall valve state guitar combo and get a reasonably good noise. I don’t intend to have a reasonably good noise for this reunion gig, but I’ll use my big ole Line6 stack which has a very good noise.

So we spent a couple hours running through some old tunes which really did come back fairly easily to us, I even added in some harmonies which were not present in our versions of these tunes back in the late 80s. I’m not sure if the harmonies are a good idea or not really, we might sound like we can play a bit too much now, which we didn’t really back then.

We’ll have band rehearsal within a few weeks now I guess.

Gmail Account

I’m starting a little experiment, I have 99 gmail account invites available and I’m going to hand them out to people who add a reply here and request one. If I know you you will not get one so you’ll have to ensure that you cleverly disguise yourself.

The Liberty Spill The Beans

..so I spoke with Jon (the vocalist) and we came to the conclusion the way forward was to inform Dom M that he was gonna be in this gig for his birthday. Sure it would no surprises but I mean come on, after 15 years would you like to stand up and have to play some bass parts you have not touched in as long? No, of course you wouldn’t.

So I then spoke with Dom W (the drummer) and relayed the conversation Jon and myself had had, (why am I the messenger here?) and Dom W said he’d hook up with Dom M’s mother to explain the need for her son to NOT have this surprise put upon him, when let’s face it he’d probably getting really pissed or stoned, but instead give him a chance of a rehearsal with the gang so he could have a REALLY good birthday.

So a few days pass (Jon putting a set CD together) and my phone rings and there he is Dom M soon to be 40 birthday boy! Mum had spilt the beans and he was very happy to have been informed, in fact he did iterate how pissed off he would have been had he been thrown well in the deep end.

So that’s the state of play for the reunion gig at the Flying Horses…. more soon.

Ad Branding

Ad branding is alive and well in M&S the famed “saviour of class” within the UK. Here we can see shot I snapped which interested me. I’m always drawn to the way we can combine two visual layers through a reflection process, essentially distorting both layers to combine one. Ok so this is not ad branding at all, but we could classify this as a form of branding, perhaps reflective branding?

The Liberty Reunion

what.. ? yes I can’t believe it just yet but my mate Dom, that’s DOM M the bass player is gonna be 40 soon, and well the other DOM (the drummer) sent me a text message asking if we should do a reunion gig to celebrate the boys birthday, and well suprise him .. hmmmm I wonder if he will remember the bass parts? …. will you Dom? .. lots more to follow on this….. what about John… will he do it?

Women Drivers Suck

… so what the hell is wrong with everyone’s driving in the UK anyway? It’s not that I think people are plain dumb but, what else can it be?

Take a three lane motorway, now the outside lane, the fast lane is meant for ONLY overtaking, did everyone know this, was it taught to you during your dirving lessons? So why then do we see drivers (mainly women) hogging this lane for mile after mile just trying to get passed one more car, before pulling in and letting the much faster car(s) pass….

why oh why oh why??

The Baker’s Oven

so I was wondering around High-Wycombe during a lunch break and to my suprise I spotted this place, The Baker’s Oven, which saw me snapping this shot with my phone camera, and sending it off to my father.

Baker’s Oven was a place that used to exist in Falmouth during my childhood and my Father’s childhood where (great) Auntie Anne used to work, Dad’s Auntie.. it has since been demolished making way for McDonalds, which incidentally is just as popular as the famous oven, which used to make some cracking mince pies!

Aviation Fuel

this is my mate David topping up his plane with some aviation fuel. This is before we set off for a couple hours spin around Cornwall, watching all the holiday makers (emits) from above.

Scillonian Ferry

.. this is what the Scillonian Ferry looks like from above when you are flying over to the Scilly Isles during a gorgeous August day.

if you are in a small two seater plane you get over to the Isles of Scilly in about 20 mins including take off and landin. That ferry there takes a whole lot longer!