The Power Of Saying Yes

The Power Of Saying Yes

The Power Of Saying Yes focuses on the positive energy you get from saying yes to opportunities, as well as the wider range of experiences available to you.

Chris You’re So Lucky

Chris You’re So Lucky

“you’re so lucky” or “you don’t have to worry” are two phrases that actually mean “I’m too lazy to do the work”.

I hear things like “you’re in great shape”. (And I am for 50 years).

“you’ve a gift for selling” (yes I am good at this).


“Not everyone is like you” (this is true too).

These are all phrases which talk about the person using them, and if that’s you I hope you realise it.

The fact is actually that I give up and sacrifice way more than most people do, in order to achieve what I want.

For example, take food.

I don’t eat carbs and zero sugar, well very minimal amounts. This makes my mind very clear, I burn fat for fun and I don’t gain weight. This means I can eat the things I like such as cheese and meat fat. This was a life changing decision.

I fast for 14 hours every day.(every day).

I don’t drink alcohol. So when you’re out getting drunk and wasting the day after I’ll be busy working on my next goal.

People say “Yeah but I relax and tell the truth and network this way”. – bullshit, find another way.

I give up toxic people.

Yes I don’t give toxic people the time of the day, if they serve no purpose in assisting me in some way.

I give up business activities that do not work, or help me progress.

There are more but you get the idea?

I’m not average because I practise being not average.

This is how I make it look easy, through giving up and sacrifice.

Mostly this is all down to sheer bloody mindedness and determination.

Find your determination, find your fight, find your goal.