“Evolve Your Digital Service Business Into A 6 Figure Self-Sustaining Machine”

  • Process
  • Psychology
  • Automation
  • Sales
  • Growth
  • Freedom

Who is this for?

This program is for you if you have a service based business and want to scale to 6 figures and work more profitably with predictability.

What sort of service business?

This includes Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Digital Marketers, Graphic Designers, Ad Experts, Virtual Assistants.

When does it begin?

This course begins immediately the moment you join. We put you in a learning community with other students who are similar to you.

What level is it?

This program can be considered intermediate. We’re not teaching you how to do what you do, we’re teaching you how to grow and scale your business to make it hyper profitable.

How do I learn?

This is a 16 week online learning program with weekly topics. You join a group of like-minded students and study through video, text, downloads, assignments and quizzes.

Why business evolution?

Many service based providers struggle to work “on” their business and become busy fools. This program provides you with the pathway to achieve business evolution.

The Business Evolution Topics You'll Learn

Week 1 - Business Evolution Orientation & Onboarding

Embarking on a new learning journey is not a step that should be taken lightly. In fact it is a step that could be life-changing for you if you are prepared to commit yourself fully to achieving your business and career goals.

One of the things we find that helps our students greatly is to get them settled into a new learning environment adequately, which is why we have the first week of the program dedicated to orientation and your onboarding into our platform, and ways of working.

Many of our courses will challenge your perceptions, belief systems themselves, and what you think you are capable of, so it is very important you feel secure, at home, and comfortable with your new virtual classroom.

Week 2 - Discovering Your Most Profitable Customers

Knowing your market inside out is paramount to landing new clients and speaking in their language, we get you drilling down on a profitable niche.

The Content

  • Overview
  • Core Markets
  • Red Oceans
  • Blue Oceans
  • Sub-Markets
  • Blue Ocean Example
  • Picking your niche
  • Competitive Analysis
  • The Mission
  • Niche Selection Quiz

Week 3 - Reprogramming Your Brain For Growth

The most fundamental element for achieving success is your mind, we get you thinking straight, setting goals, and working towards smashing the shit out of them.

The Content

  • Overview
  • What is mindset?
  • Quiz
  • Growth is inevitable
  • Knowing yourself
  • Rebooting your beliefs
  • Productivity follows mindset

Week 4 - Your Business's Strategic Objectives

All dominant empires have strategy at their core, it's how plans are formed, and executed with precision, this enables scale and future proofing of your business.

A Strategic Objective is a top level list of broad objectives that will keep your business on the right path as it develops. It is the company map, the way it operates. It becomes the bible, the operating check-list.

If you want to take something somewhere you need a plan, you need to know where you are going, or more to the point how you are going to get there. If you just do the same thing every day without a plan of what you are trying to achieve and how, you will forever be doing the same thing every day and going nowhere.

So a Strategic Objective is a list of how a company does what it does.

The Content

  • Strategic Objectives Overview
  • Strategic Objective Video
  • Company Examples
  • Social Media Company Example
  • Do Not Underestimate
  • A Team Mentality
  • Strategic Objective Quiz

Week 5 - Future Vision & Visualisation For Profit

“Vision is a statement that expresses an organization’s ultimate objectives.”

As the Boss (CEO) of your business it is your responsibility to draw up a Strategic Vision for your business.

A Strategic Vision is not a long complicated document, in fact it is often a short sentence.

However, the Strategic Vision contains very important information that laser focuses you and those that work with you.

It also:

  • Informs your entire marketing efforts
  • Sets the direction of your business
  • Has a huge influence on your decision making process
  • Becomes ingrained in your branding
  • Informs your tone of voice.

Before you create your Strategic Vision you need to become crystal clear on these two points:

  1. What you will be selling
  2. Who you will sell it to

Being able to articulate your Strategic Vision is one of the hallmarks of a great leader, as vision is actually what sets leaders apart.

If you’re going to lead your business and your team successfully you should be able to form and share your vision, and take the team with you on the journey towards achieving it.

The Content

  • What Will You Be Selling?
  • Who Will You Be Selling Your Services To?
  • Your Values
  • Strategic Vision Examples
  • Your Mission

Week 6 - Setting Life Changing Goals

Imagine you’re on your perfect holiday.

Maybe you’re on a beautiful desert island in the south pacific, the waves lapping at your toes as you lay on the white beach; maybe you’re riding a horse in the Canadian Rockies, taking in the stunning vistas and breathing in that cool mountain air; maybe you’re on a windswept beach in Cornwall, looking longingly at the pub while your kids constantly harangue you for an ice cream.

Wherever your mind takes you, it’s easy to get carried away with the fantasy, right? We all have places we want to be eventually, both physical and metaphorical.

Now imagine your perfect working life. It’s perhaps harder to imagine, as we are programmed to fantasise about holidays more than work.

You might imagine yourself working from your home office, from a coffee shop, in a vibrant and colourful office you have created, with a slide and a ping pong table.

Whatever you have imagined, you have been informally setting goals for yourself – conjuring up images of where you want to be, what you want to be doing, and how you want to be doing it.

Goal setting is a skill we are all naturally equipped with, but one that we do not all harness effectively. An ineffective goal setter allows their mind to wander and drift from one idea to another.

An effective goal setter focuses on those outcomes they want and imagines the shit out of them, sculpting them in their mind’s eye until they are perfectly formed and vivid.

Effective goal setters allow themselves to dream briefly, and then tune in on the specific outcomes they want. This might be rock hard abs; it might be the mortgage paid off by age 40; it might be to own a dog rescue centre in downtown Milwaukee; it might be to start a social media consultancy and get five regular clients on retainer contracts within two months.

Whatever the outcomes you’re dreaming of, these are your goals, and this course will help you discover your goals, define them, sharpen them and then achieve them.

The Content

  • There are always goals
  • Why do we set goals?
  • Your route card to success
  • 1 Quiz
  • Dream big and for 10/20K
  • Review it
  • 1 Quiz
  • Honing is owning
  • Walk your own path
  • Mission For Growth
  • Get out there and start kicking goals

Week 7 - Unlocking A Consultative Mindset

You’re about to start turning your knowledge and experience into a successful business, defining your own destiny, working on your terms, traveling your own path and leaving those narrow-minded haters in your wake.

As a consultant you’re going to be working with clients to solve their problems; to alleviate their pain.

This pain will have caused them to reach out to you for help. They need you and they’re prepared to pay you handsomely to take their pain away.

So forget any notions of embarrassment about announcing yourself as a consultant, or uneasiness about selling.

The fact is that when those clients contact you they’re already looking to buy; already hoping you will have the cure they need. If you complete the other courses in the Academy, such as Needs Analysis, you will have the skills you need to identify the solutions to their pain, and then it’s just a question of packaging it.

This course is primarily about packaging you and your services. It’s about giving you the confidence you need to get out there and sell what you can do, safe in the knowledge that you’re totally worth the money. The full package.

You will earn one life-changing Whack for completing this course. Honestly you’ll never feel that sense of self doubt or uncertainty again. Now throw on some AC/DC, roll up your sleeves and let’s get you packaged up….

The Content

  • Course Objectives
  • What do consultants do?
  • Quiz
  • You Deserve It
  • Quiz
  • 3 Things You Must Do
  • Key Qualities
  • It's OK To Sell Yourself
  • The Apprentice has become the 10K Master

Week 8 - Discovering New Prospects And Traffic Secrets

This course is gives you a overview of some of the most common types of traffic sources that I have had good success in deploying, both paid and organic.

The traffic sources here are not the only sources of traffic available by any means, but they have proven to work for me in bringing the right traffic to my offers so that I can obtain leads and funnel those leads to make an appointment with me.

Of course, you may well manage traffic for your clients, but the main goal and focus for you at this stage is to get clients in the first place, through your appointment funnel, so you need to send traffic to it.

In this course we're not going deep into the implementation of each traffic platform, and how or what to click to set them up (the paid platforms themselves do that very well), but rather why you would decide to use one form of traffic to generate leads over another one. Essentially they each have their merits and place, depending on what you are selling and to who.

Naturally a lot of your results (through measuring) will be achieved by experimentation on your part, trial and error of what works for your niche, and target audience.

The Content

  • Why Paid Traffic
  • Solo Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Organic Traffic
  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Profile
  • Networking

Week 9 - Autopilot Lead Generation And Appointment Setting

The Automated Appointment Sales Funnel is a method of obtaining warm leads for yourself or your clients, that are very interested in what you have to offer, you’re gonna want to eventually make them an offer they can’t refuse.

The general idea is to warm up the target prospect further through a series of steps in order to encourage the target to make an appointment (have a sit-down) with you (or not, if they are not suitable for your business model).

In its most simplest form we are sending web traffic, from paid advertising (but not always), such as Facebook or Google, banner ads etc to an opt-in landing page that offers something, we call this a bribe.

The Content

  • Overview Of The Process
  • The Opt-In Bribe
  • High Value Content
  • Automated Appointments Survey
  • Setup A Online Calendar
  • Plan Your Messaging
  • Build The 10K Sales Funnel
  • The Numbers
  • Auto Appointments Quiz

Week 10 - The Secrets Of Building Rapport For Lifelong Customers

This week we look at developing your rapport building skills so you can position yourself as the expert in the room, the go to person in your particular industry.

When you are selling high value services to other business owners (known as B2B selling), it is important to be liked, known and trusted by the prospect. The fact is that in the world of B2B people typically buy from people and not the actual specification of the service.

The common mistake (which we completely move you away from) is selling the "thing" - instead you will sell "you and your business", you will learn how to craft exceptional compelling stories that build rapport.

The Content

  • Discovering The Right Person
  • Setting Appointments With Ease
  • Crafting Your Life Story

Week 11 - Expert Interviewing And Professional Positioning

Did you think that being a consultant was just about working from home, occasionally popping in to clients’ offices to give them feedback on the project, and collecting big pay cheques?

Well you’ll be happy to know that you’re mostly right, but in order for you to successfully achieve that fabled lifestyle you first need to learn the tools of your trade.

One of the key tools is the ability to successfully conduct a consultancy interview.

Consultancy interviewing is not difficult or overly technical; you certainly should not be concerned about whether you can do it.

As with most things you will learn with us it is just a process to follow, which you will become more familiar with as you gain experience.

Conducting a successful consultancy interview is essential when preparing to pitch to a client, when starting out a project, and when gathering information during the project.

It is basically about ensuring you get the right information as efficiently as possible, saving you and the client time and money.

This course will give you the skills you need to conduct consultancy interviewing like a Boss.

Not the kind of boss that hires and fires people, but the kind of boss that walks into a room totally confident about their purpose and how to achieve it, all the while projecting an image of cool professionalism with a subtle undertone of awesomeness.

The Content

  • Getting the structure right
  • What is a consultancy interview?
  • Quiz
  • Do you like Peas?
  • Quiz
  • You get what you ask for
  • Quiz
  • Smashing it

Week 12 - Unlocking Customer Need And Big Opportunities

As a consultant your focus will often be on relieving the ‘pain’ felt by your clients – the self-declared problems they have identified. This pain will have caused them to reach out to you for help, resulting in you providing the required solution and their pain going away. Easy.

However this is a very simple model of how you will do business, as clients very often don’t actually know what is causing their pain – they haven’t considered the underlying issues that are the root cause. The pain they feel will often be a symptom of these issues, which are invisible to them because they have been working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ the business.

Your role as a consultant is to drill down and discover these root causes in order that you can cure the pain at the source. This requires a deep dive into the processes and systems of the client’s business, to discover what is broken, or in need of tweaking, or re-building. It requires you to systematically identify the needs of the business. This process you will conduct is known as Needs Analysis.

This course focuses on how to conduct a systematic and meaningful Needs Analysis in order to better help your clients and deliver beyond expectations.

The Content

  • Adding Value
  • Gathering Information
  • Quiz
  • Establishing the Root Cause
  • Quiz
  • So how is Root Cause Analysis Done?
  • Documenting is Doing
  • How Do I Write All These Processes?
  • Quiz
  • Gapping is Good
  • Quiz
  • Report It Like You Mean It

Week 13 - Crafting The Perfect High-Ticket Offer Ad Closing New Business

Many rookie service providers send over pitch decks and bombard the prospect with all the services they can offer. This often never works and becomes an expensvie and painful lesson. The reason being is that prospect usually doesn't know what the service even means and also that they are completely unaware of why it benefits them.

Instead we focus on getting you to process the prospect's pains and the big opportunities you have discovered and craft together solutions that are both attractive to the prospect and attractive for the profit of your business.

We are big on process and this is another process to learn which will make you into a professional sales closer, or you can take this approach and train other team members to do for you.

The Content

  • Processing The Data
  • Accessing For Profitability
  • Focusing On Retained Contracts
  • Crafting Solutions Reports
  • Making The Offer
  • Signing Agreements

Week 14 - Client Relationship Management To keep The Retained

Hey, you’re a rock star! You’ve won your first contract – a fat monthly retainer which will pay the bills and then some. Boom!! However it’s not quite time to relax and start browsing villas in Tuscany. You now have to do the real work you’re being paid for.

The good news though is that this is not at all hard because if you’re a human, and I’m assuming you are at least part-human, then you are already equipped with most of the skills you need, You’re going to be dealing with fellow humans so you’ll just need a few guidelines on their particular traits and foibles. You’ll notice that it all appears fairly straightforward and that’s because it is. The only key difference between these humans and those in your social network is that you’re entering a business relationship with them; and that relationship is potentially fraught with conflict and stress if you fail to pay attention to some simple guidelines. This course will teach you those guidelines and will lead you to a harmonious and mutually profitable future.

The course will also introduce you to the importance of organisation. As in your administration. If you’re organised and deliberate with how you work then you will save time and money, and will find yourself living the life you always wanted with less stress, less self-admonishment and a lot more boo-ya!!

As you will have by now understood what consultancy is this course introduces you to the fundamentals of how consultants work.

The Content

  • Objectives
  • Plan like a Boss
  • Quiz
  • Winning is only the beginning
  • Communication is key
  • Quiz
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Always deliver value

Week 15 - Hiring Skilled Talent To Do The Work

No longer should you be thinking about doing the work yourself, sure you maybe love the work, but as a business owner it is absoultely fundamental that you work "on" your business rather than "in" your business.

This means you should be focused on growing your business, securing it, future proofing it. You cannot do that whilst doing all the work itself, because whilst you are busy servicing clients you are not busy securing your business for the next couple of years or so.

So we focus on how to hire talent to take the bulk of this away from you.

We concentrate on getting your mind shifted away from a "job" person to a leader, and how to start to write up what is required for the work to be done and how and by whom.

The Content

  • Scoping Out The Work
  • Project Management
  • Can you deliver excellence
  • Does It Fit With Your Niche
  • Writing Agreements
  • Agreeing On Deliverable Content
  • Timelines And Project Planning


Week 16 - Future Planning For Exponential Growth

This week is a week where you to transition completely into thinking like a consultant.

Many people skip this hurdle in theory development and wonder why they have issues scaling and charging higher and higher fees.

Fundamentally we are moving away from a mindset of charging per hour to a framework that charges for the value you and your busines provides and brings to the client. Just very small elements introduced into a business can sometimes have a massive impact on their bottom line, that is adding value.

Mapping out the roles for any type of business is very important and documentation is vital for your business roles.

Think of the business roles document as a guiding set of instructions for each and every role within the business.

Do not be intimidated by this, it is more about motivating you to think big about the future of what your business could be, and how the components form a complete whole.

The examples in this course were created for one of the companies I grew, which was primarily a business selling consultancy services and events.

You will contextualize the roles for your own situation and think hard about how they relate.

The intended outcome of this course is for you to create your own Business Roles documentation for your business.

The Content

  • Example Structure
  • Board Of Directors (The Commission)
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - The Boss
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Underboss
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Roles Knowledge Check

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